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    We are centred on providing solutions that will reduce Healthcare-associated infections and their effects across the UK.
    To date, we have launched a suite of services that have been delivered with a core focus in hospitals, schools and primary care. Our portfolio of advanced technology is led by the Pathisol Annihilyzer – a complete cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting solution that consists of on-site production of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) using the Annihilyzer System.

    The machinery is not limited to the healthcare sector and can be used in any business that wants to claim back their independence in how they access cleaning materials. By installing an on-site generator, it enables them to produce their own cleaning fluids tailored to their individual needs such as volume and staff members. Meanwhile reducing their carbon footprint and lowering their expenditure in the process.


The Pathisol Annihlyzer

The Pathisol Annihlyzer is advanced machinery that produces an eco-friendly, highly effective cleaning fluid that can produce up to 1400 litres a day at 500 ppm. This can then be easily transferred into recyclable bottles for mobile use within the premises.

Our Pathisol Annihilyzer are available to you on a leasing agreement to save on large upfront costs and they will guarantee to save you on money long term and Co2 emissions. Making it a healthier more efficient way of producing cleaning fluids that protect you from viruses.

How It Works

The Pathisol Annihilyzer Automated Electrolyzed Water On-Site Generator (OSG) contains an electrolytic cell that produce anolytes and catholytes. The salt solution is electrolysed by applying a small, electrical current.


Anolytes are strong oxidizing agents, predominantly hypochlorous acid (HOCl), that kill bacteria, fungus, dew, spores and other micro-organisms in very short contact times. Catholytes are anti-oxidant solutions that are highly effective degreasing and detergent agents. Both anolytes and catholytes are non-toxic, environmentally responsible and yet very effective solutions for the control of unwanted micro-organisms.

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